Wedding: John & Grainne

July 2nd, 2005



Before the wedding:

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Church Ceremony, Star of the Sea, Sandymount, Dublin:

Eddie, Kerry, Helene, Anna    Alice walking up the Alter with the wedding rings    Conor & Grainne    Anna singing Se An Tairne Maoirne    Just Married!!     Siriane playing he violin during the signing of the registry

Roland singing    hray21.jpg (233875 bytes)    


Outside the Church:

hray23.jpg (367116 bytes)    hray24.jpg (287481 bytes)    hray25.jpg (334438 bytes)    hray26.jpg (245383 bytes)    hray27.jpg (345977 bytes)    hray29.jpg (326484 bytes)    

hray30.jpg (293551 bytes)    hray33.jpg (283903 bytes)    hray35.jpg (329160 bytes)    hray36.jpg (375176 bytes)    Michael Severini & Erin Power by the wedding car    Ellen Murphy & Steven Gallagher by the wedding car.  Ellen & Steven got engaged two days later in St. Stevens Green


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Photos in Kylemore, Sandymount:



Drinks Reception at the Berkeley Court Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin:

John Grainne arriving to the reception     hray37.jpg (252540 bytes)    The Barber Shop Boys playing at the drinks reception, Berkeley Court    Drinks reception    John & Steven Gallagher   rol02.jpg (233343 bytes)    

rol03.jpg (245027 bytes)    hray38.jpg (412807 bytes)    hray41.jpg (388099 bytes)    Brian O'Brien not fully cooperating with Rhyna McCarthy, Photographer


Dinner, Cake & Speeches:

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John's Speech    

After dinner dancing:

The First Dance                   


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Last dance with the Prickly Pears band    J2W-044.jpg (227251 bytes)    J2W-045.jpg (191478 bytes)    J2W-046.jpg (222216 bytes)