Scenes from Boston 1994 - 1998

1174 Cambridge Street, Cambridge,  MA:   home from April 1995 thru February 1998

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Residents of 1174 :

  The webmaster himself   Breffni Mathews   Peter Corry     Jill Webb    Seamus Gillespie

  Lise Kearney         Allison Higgins           Charlie Phelan          Michael McNabb

The Goings on at 1174:


Typical Saturday Morning at 1174 Cambridge Street


A drug deal gone wrong caught live on camera at 1174 Cambridge St., June 1997

Star Wars Motion Movie at 1174

SenTKen.tif (489768 bytes)  


  John Lawless & Steven Gallagher
  giving the opening speech on behalf
  of the Irish in Boston
  on Senator Ted Kennedy's
  Inaugural, Boston, 1994.




 Sunday Wear      Roses from Seamus,  iron hasn't fallen out window yet !

The day no one came to my rescue  Steven & Karen,  Christmas 1996  Gillian Hughes washing up after Johns fabulous cooking  The frozen chicken was in the freezer   Hampton Beach, Special Guests - Gillian & Dinny   Thanksgoiving, 1997 Slainte    Peter Corry  Steven & Bref prowling the dance floor,  Hoolihans, Boston 

Dinny & Steven, North End, Boston, March 1999     Peg  Justin O'Keeffe, Jill FitzGerald, Roger Cogan   The Famous Jeep Wrangler,  1995-1998  The Jeep at Christmas Jeep on snowy day  The Beach  Nice top Rog  Gary Gunn, Allison Higgins, Bobbies Ranch   Whale Watching,  New Hampshire,  Summer 1997

Fun in Cape Cod  Hyannis, Summer 1996  Sunny Hampton Beach NH...... no money hor hotel    infured.tif (298176 bytes)  LKcook.tif (438050 bytes)   Take me out to the ball la la la la la  Fenway01.jpg (16642 bytes)   druid.tif (163470 bytes)

S&S,  Cambridge, Christmas 1998  Up on the Roof  DeGirls  Liesl finds a nice place to nap, Hyannis, MA  That's Pete on the couch   Picture01.jpg (829795 bytes)    Picture02.jpg (822542 bytes)

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